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Navigon Car Kit car cradle (car holder and car charger) for Apple iPhone 4 - NEW: Best price

Navigon Car Kit  Kfz-Halterung (Autohalterung und Kfz-Ladekabel) für Apple iPhone 4
Cheapest TomTom Car Kit car cradle (car holder and car charger) Apple iPhone 4 - NEW: Best selling price discount and lowest price

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all Navigon Car Kit car cradle (car holder and car charger) for Apple iPhone 4 - NEW: Best price Customer reviews 's very high quality and chic 5 The holder fits very well for iPhone 4 and also looks very nice. It has a very slim form and can be used both horizontally and vertically are used. A Charger for the cigarette lighter is also dabei.Dabei this works by default with a USB adapter so that the cable for synchronizing the phone with itunes can be used. The suction cup holds a lot and the bracket can be fine-tuned over a small cog. All connections on the phone are very easy to reach. All in all, five stars, because there is nothing to complain about.

Navigon = Auto bracket to perfection 5 After I've loaded the TomTom app on my iPhone only came once the game - or test phase. I quickly realized that a holder, which the iPhone placed in the viewing area is essential. I

ch the holder placed in the middle of the windscreen of my Golf V. The suction mechanism is functioning properly. First, it pushes the suction cup on the window and then presses a locking so that the holder presses the windshield. After a few maneuvers and speed settings on the boom, I quickly realized that this was a very stable construction. The iPhone is securely 'fits like a glove. An iPhone use in Bumper is not possible. The upper lever makes a relatively unpleasant clicking when the iPhone is locked, but it seems to me to be designed just right: iPhone can be easy to unlock and leverage appears to be up to the continuous attack (my view as a plastics engineer).

Now, the first trip, I noticed after about 2-3 minutes, so relatively quickly that anything moving. I Sport suspension in my car and realize why the bumps fairly quickly but I must say, it wobbling, I have no fear for my iPhone and it rattles nothing. Impressive. My passengers themselves were impressed. Really almost not a single vibration. If one of this product with certain holders compares' then I have often enormous intermittent attacks found my machine and this was that by this dynamic, sooner or later, triggered the Saufnapf and who knows the situation is: highway, 120km / h, want> to catch his reflection in expensive equipment - - suction cup dissolves> very dangerous. Such a danger here absolutely NOT. Also nice: the Camera is left out. Record videos while driving, no problem!

The package is still a USB cigarette lighter adapter and a USB -> iPhone charging cable. Both make a high quality feel and a cool side effect: I can plug the adapter in the cig lighter and to make the flap.

Conclusion: Absolute buy recommendation. For just under 30 € you get here from almost the perfect complement to its iPhone - Navigon - the perfect combination to make Navi.

Genial! 5 I really am extremely excited by this holder. Had already worn some in advance, including the TomTom Holders. Ingenious attachment holds rock solid. The Holder is functional, looks good and mega-stable - because nothing wobbles while driving. Provides a very valuable feeling.


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